12 Days of Bookkeeping

12 Days Of Bookkeeping

On the first day of bookkeeping, my ledger gave to me: a receipt for a pear tree, because even trees need proof of purchase.

On the second day of bookkeeping, my spreadsheet gave to me: two tax deductions, because who wouldn’t want a deduction or two?

On the third day of bookkeeping, my cash flow gave to me: three balance sheets, because nothing says financial stability like a well-balanced sheet.

On the fourth day of bookkeeping, my profit margin gave to me: four quarterly reports, because seasons change, and so does your profit.

On the fifth day of bookkeeping, my payroll gave to me: FIVE GOLDEN RINGS! That’s the bonus for your hardworking employees.

On the sixth day of bookkeeping, my invoices gave to me: six clients paying, because nothing spreads holiday cheer like prompt payments.

On the seventh day of bookkeeping, my expenses gave to me: seven receipts missing, because it wouldn’t be the holidays without a little mystery.

On the eighth day of bookkeeping, my software gave to me: eight updates pending, because software updates are the gifts that keep on giving… whether you want them or not.

On the ninth day of bookkeeping, my budget gave to me: nine spreadsheets crashing, because even budgets can’t handle the stress of the holidays.

On the tenth day of bookkeeping, my audits gave to me: ten accountants stressing, because year-end audits are the true test of holiday spirit.

On the eleventh day of bookkeeping, my ledgers gave to me: eleven reconciliations, because nothing says peace on earth like reconciled accounts.

On the twelfth day of bookkeeping, my year-end gave to me: twelve resolutions, because a new year means new promises to keep those books in shape.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Sommer and Sommer!